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  • Garage doors repair and services in Omaha


    The experts at Premier Garage Door Solutions, LLC can provide a superior level of service when it comes to repair and maintenance of garage doors in the Omaha area.

    If you are in need of garage door repair services, contact us now at (402) 330-0761. We will be happy to assist you, even if you are dealing with a garage door emergency. We can have a technician at your location within 24 hours of your call.


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    Why call us? In addition to our quick response, we can provide a superior level of service. Our technicians have a great deal of experience. This means that they can handle even the most complex or unusual repairs, and it means you can be confident that the work will be done correctly and the door restored to perfect condition.

    You rely on your garage door every day. We can be your partner when it comes to maintaining this important piece of equipment. Whether you need to upgrade a feature, make a repair or simply prepare your door for the winter, we are only a phone call away.

    We serve the cities of Carter Lake, Council Bluffs, Ashland, Blair, Fort Calhoun, Omaha, La Vista, Papillion, Ralston, Millard, Bellevue, Carter Lake, Bennington, Elkhorn, Valley, Waterloo, Plattsmouth, La Platte, South Bend, Gretna, Richfield, Springfield, Chalco and Greenwood.

    Here are some examples of what we can do for you


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    • Perform a routine maintenance check to make sure that your door is operating correctly, well lubricated and weathertight.

    • Make emergency repairs on doors that are not working.

    • Add weatherstripping, insulation or other features to improve the door’s performance.

    When it comes to garage door repairs, you really need a repair technician that you can trust. Because doors are very heavy and some of their components are under extreme tension, making repairs yourself can be very dangerous. For this reason, you want a repair person with a proven track record who is going to use the most reliable parts. Only then can you be confident in the door’s safety and performance.

    Industrial garage door service and repairPreventive Maintenance Program for your overhead doors

    We are happy to assist you with major garage door repairs and emergency maintenance, but we can also offer PREVENTIVE maintenance. Our affordable service programs for industrial, commercial, agricultural and residential garage doors give you access to regular maintenance. These programs will keep your door in perfect working order and protect it from unforeseen breakages that could require emergency repairs.